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Any advice on sheets

I bought the Stokke sleep system.  It was the only crib that DH and I could agree that we both liked.  It has the little round bassinet and then expands to a bigger crib.  I started shopping for sheets and they are a lot more expensive than I thought.  I don't want to have to wash sheets all the time but I don't want too many either.

Realistically, how many sheets do I need for each one?  I just need the fitted sheets and nothing else, right?  She will sleep in a sleep sack, right?

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Re: Any advice on sheets

  • I have 2 sheets for DS. He was swaddled so he wasn't even touching the sheets. I also have the Miracle crib sheet that I put on top of sheet. Any leaks and you just take that off and still have clean sheet underneath.





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