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How do you keep track of child support? I just opened a case with css and in the mean time I have to keep track. I also have to track child care and health care expenses that I guess I have to file a motion for to collect I plan on doing this at the end of every year how do you do it? TIA
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  • Mine goes into a seprete bank account every statement I add up how much he paid/how much he missed. Usually it's around $5 so I let it go however when he goes months withot payment I call my case worker every week. I keep all statements and receipts for medical expenses I pay out of pocket. It all gets filed into a folder

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  • LO's father set up a direct deposit into my bank account. All I have to do is print out a statement showing all of the deposits from him in the event he doesn't pay. LO goes to a licenses day care facility and I have a DCFSA account that i already had invoices for my reimbursements. I just brought a monthly DC invoice to court and half of it was added to his support owed for LO. Since I already had to bring a pay stub to the support hearing, I circled the amount owed for health insurance that included LO  & one before LO. (he pays half the difference to add LO on to my insurance, or v.v. if he was cheaper/better coverage). His support owed is this simple equation from the sate: 17% of (Gross- FICA- other support owed, other deductions) + half of health insurance + half child care costs. That number is now set in stone until we agree to change it, we can go back to court after three years, or one of our incomes varies by more than 15%. I only had to prove child care and health insurance costs at the hearing.

    In our support order it has the breakdown of percentages owed for out of pocket health care expenses and also says 30 days notification is required to the other party. LO's well baby check ups are covered but sick visits are not. If she goes for a sick appt I just make a copy of the paid invoice from her physicians office and hand it to him with in 30 days. Any of the medications I've purchases are less than 10 dollars and I make a copy of that receipt from the pharmacy and submit it to him. It isn't too bad since I have to do the same thing for the HCFSA. 

    P.S where i live per state law, child support is owed based upon the filing date of the court petition not the birthdate. also in court the judge asked if i wanted support directly taken out of his paycheck or on the honor system. 

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