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BD's mood swings are worse than mine

this man started off by telling me to abort.  later that night he stopped by and told me he was excited and wanted to be a part of his childs life and didnt want some one else raising his kid.  ofcourse i was extactic to hear this he cuddled with my belly kissing it and rubbing it and imaging his child that was growin inside of me, even helped me pick out a name and told me he loved me for the first time ever!  then again today after work he decided that once again i need to get an abortion and that the baby thing isnt going to work out, no longer called me by my nick name totally trying to sound professional and completly unpersonal. 

im thinking maybe he isnt mature even to accept the fact that he created a child and even offered him the alternative of not putting his name on the birth certificate so he didnt have to worry about child support.  now im almost certain thats what i want to do, i just dont understand how he can go from being just as excited as me to completely emotinally detached from both of us in a matter of a few hrs.  and im not sure i want some one that is asking me to kill my baby any where near my son or daughter Crying i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: BD's mood swings are worse than mine

  • My bd did the same thing. He started off with get an abortion. Then it was omg I can't wait. Then its not mine, back to excited, and that same routine three more times. Except he doesn't get another chance to get excited because he chose not to be around anymore. Honestly, don't put yourself thru the stress of his mood swings. He may change his mind once your LO arrives, or even when you start showing and getting u/s's. Just dont dwell on it, don't let it get to you, and definitely do not push bd into feeling any way. If he comes around, cool. If not, hes missing out on something amazing. Either way, you should do what you want to do and you need to make yourself happy and take care of that precious angel that is depending on you to keep him/her safe.
  • Your are only 5 weeks along. Dont make any decisions or promsies to your BD at this time. He does sound immature and probably hasnt fully processed the pregnancy yet. If he is causing you stress with his back and forth then you dont need to communicate with him at this time. Give him some space to process the pregnancy and upcoming parenthood. If he comes around and is there for you great, if not then you have 8 months to prepare for single parenthood. Whether or not he wants to be in your childs life your LO still deserves child support. good luck to you and congrats on your LO
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