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weight gain or bloat...

I have been reading about all these women losing weight left and right during their first trimester. I feel so heavy and seem to have gone up 6lbs in 7 weeks which is not acceptable to me. I have never gained weight easily so it is a bit of a shock.  My doctor kind of laughed it off but it is a concern for me. I am just confused about bloat versus weight gain at the moment. I assume if my pants still fit it is bloat. Why do women get so bloated the first month?  

On a side note, I am super hungry too and just wondering if it is more in my head or if I am really hungry :)


Thoughts, ladies?



Re: weight gain or bloat...

  • PP has it right. Specifically on the bloat. And a lot of people lose weight mostly due to ranging from nausea at the idea of food, to out-right morning (anytime) sickness.

    Otherwise, and also as PP said, my gain in the beginning was from munching to keep the nausea at bay. It's normal to be hungry though, as you're body is adjusting and trying to figure out what it needs. and as the bloat goes down, you may see a decrease in your weight gain for a bit.

    But for the most part, don't sweat it. go with the flow and don't be afraid to check with your doctor if you're concerned about too much gain. (On the other hand, they tend to prefer the closer to ideal weight you are to begin with, the more you should gain over the course of the pregnancy to keep your baby and yourself healthy.) Smile

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