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overwhelmed with diaper bag options

I'm a FTM and beginning to look at diaper bags. There are a an overwhelming number of brands and styles, let alone fashion variations. I've heard many of you mention it needs to be washable/wipeable...what else? Do outside pockets matter? Divided areas inside? Messenger vs tote vs backpack? Bigger vs smaller? Other things that made you love or hate your diaper bag? Thanks STMs for sharing your wisdom!


Re: overwhelmed with diaper bag options

  • One big thing for me is once you know what stroller you'll have make sure if fits over the handlebars or in the basket nicely.  I prefer mine over the handle bars bc I usually carry my wallet in there and it's nice to have easy access to it.  I have a skip hop and a Vera Bradley one and I like the skiphop better because it fits on the back of my stroller better.  I carry around epi pens, Benadryl, and Tylenol at all times so a zippered pocket is nice to make sure DD can get into that stuff on her own.  This is another thing that the VB bag doesn't have.  

    They also sell stroller clips (and some bags like PPB come with them) to hook your bag to the back of the stroller.  I've heard great things about JuJuBe and might look at them to find a larger bag for once I have two.  

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  • My husband bought me a Timi and Leslie.  I'm still expecting, but I got great reviews from mothers at a infant wrap class.  I saw one being used by a mom and she loved it.  I have already used mine a few times during travel because it doesn't look like a typical diaper bag.  (Really stylish) plus it's leather so it wipes easily and has all the diaper assesories too.  (changing pad, bottle warmer, net bag for clothes, small wallet clutch and stroller straps)  A little expensive, but seems worth it to use before, during and after as a regular bag.  We bought mine at a boutique, but they sell them online and I even saw them at Buybuybaby.
  • I received the SkipHop Studio and can't wait to use it! It has tons of separated pockets inside and outside, bottle holders, changing pad, ans stroller straps. I like that it looks like a regular bag I would normally carry.

  • image orinjuse:

    I received the SkipHop Studio and can't wait to use it! It has tons of separated pockets inside and outside, bottle holders, changing pad, ans stroller straps. I like that it looks like a regular bag I would normally carry.

    I have this one too.  Great bag for organization best out there but the quality is terrible.  Started falling apart after 2 weeks for 100.00 I expect it to last longer.  After two months it looked 10-years old.  I returned it and I am looking once again.  

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  • This is not from personal experience but I've heard not to get a messenger bag bc its hard to get into the bag when your hands are full. I had already heard that and then last week we were looking at bags at the store and a woman came up to me randomly and told me NOT to get the messenger bag style for that reason. haha...
  • Honestly, just pick something you can tolerate wearing everyday.

    My first diaper bag was unisex so DH could wear it too. That was nice in the beginning; I could wear the baby or push the stroller and he would carry the supplies. It was messenger style and my main concern with it was that it hurt my shoulder when I had to carry it and the baby. Plus, it wasn't "me." But DH still uses it if he's out with DD by himself.

    My second diaper bag is from Kate Spade and could pass as a regular handbag. The main reason I got it was because it was cute and looks like something I'd wear even if it didn't have to. Functionality was important in the beginning, but now having something stylish is tops. I basically just use it to carry around diapers and goldfish.
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  • While DD was in the infant seat I LOVED my skip hop studio.  It has a lot of space and pockets to organize things.  Plus it looks like a purse so I could run off with it even if DD wasn't with me.  Once DD was out of the infant seat though I hated it because of the shoulder straps.  So I would put the bag over my shoulder, lean down to pick up DD and it would always slip off my shoulder and nearly take out DD!!  I also had a Skip Hop Dash messenger style bag so I started using that and found it so much easier to carry it and DD around.

     One thing to consider is how loud a bag is when you open it.   a friend of mine complained about her PPB bag because it was an extremely loud velcro closure and it would always wake her DS if he was sleeping when she opened it. 

    For the most part you just need to find one that suits your needs and your personal style!

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  • Just go with a tried and true bag, something with really good reviews. I'd recommend the skip hop studio or the skip hop duo. You really can't go wrong with either.
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  • My only suggestion is to get one with compartments/pockets.  They make life so much easier. Every time I try to use a tote bag as a "baby bag," I feel like it's a black hole swallowing up everything I'm trying to get my hands on.  I have a Skip Hop Via Messenger.  It's a little narrow, but has great pockets.  I love it.
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  • Another vote for the Skip Hop Studio.  I love everything about it!
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  • Anther vote fr skip hop brand.  Great value overall. I suggest getting erring on the larger side because mine is always stuffed. And yes, they are wipe-able and mine has pockets on inside and out , all of which I use.
  • Just pick one that you like.  I bought a Coach diaper bag from the Outlets that doubles as my purse when we go out for long periods of time, and will be a good work bag once I no longer want a dedicated baby bag.  But probably 50% of the time we go out, I don't bring anything, just throw one of those wallet style changing pad things that hold 2 diapers and a small box of wipes in the basket of the stroller, sippy cup in the cupholder, and clip a stuffed animal to her stroller straps. 

    I've never been one of those "I need to carry every possible item with me!!" type of frantic moms.  When she was a newborn I packed an extra bib & burp cloth with me (she had reflux & was a spitter), my nursing cover, and a backup pacifier.  When I transitioned to formula, I thew in a couple empty bottles (or 1 premade), a little Munchkin divided formula cup thingy with the powder, and I'd buy a bottle of cold water to mix it on the go.

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  • I had the skip hop messenger and I hated it.  It had magnetic closures and I hated that stuff always seemed to be falling out. I never thought I would get an expensive diaper bag - thought it was such a waste of money - but then....

    I bought a JuJu Be BFF and I love love love it.  Everything about it seems perfect.  I have had it for about 6 months now and have had no issues with it getting dirty or anything even though it is a light color.

    My two boys are getting a surprise May 2015!

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  • Besides the technical aspects of it, this bag will be your "purse" for months!  So be sure you actually like the style and its comfortable.  
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