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My first court date with my bd I really don't like that term! is on Monday and I am quite nervous. I do have an attorney though so I will have help. My son will be two in January and we are finally taking care if child support and custody. My bd has/had a drug problem during the pregnancy and all the way up to now. He goes to a methadone clinic every morning and drives about thirty minutes to get there. He has not helped with anything since day one and still doesn't do anything. We moved into an apt together when I was eight months pregnant and I was still working and he had just gotten a part time at stop and shop and the plan was he would give me his check to help. That never happened. At this point I was supporting my pregnant self, my boyfriendat the time and the apt all myself. My son is born in January and guess who takes care of the I go back to work at six weeks and baby goes to daycare. This killed me that I couldn't spend time with my newborn during such precious nurturing times. April rolls around and bd quits job at STO AND SHOP!! Who does that?!?! This whole time from then on until May the next year I am supporting myself, my son, bd, and the apt financially, physically, and emotionally!! Bd was jobless and still is while my son went to daycare. Looking back I wish I listened to my family and friends. I was an idiot for thinking I could change bd and make things worse. Essentially all I was doing was hurting myself. All this time bd was using drugs. I hate myself for all the wasted time and pain. I can't go back though. This May I finally got the confidence to move into a beautiful duplex with my son and roommate who is my best friend of over ten years! Things are great. To try and make a book into a page, bd still hasn't gotten a job, helped, or done anything a father should. Not even a call to see how he is. He hasn't seen my son in over twelve weeks. On bd's birthday he texted me saying he misses him soo much and it's his birthday and really wants to see him. I didn't even respond. Oh, and here's the kicker..he is apparently engaged to a women who doesn't have custody of her two kids and they are both jobless. Sorry for it being so long..I don't get much chance to vent! So, he ended up filing against me for custody!!! Crazy. Monday is our date and I am nervous about seeing him, I'm sure his mom who is just as worse as he is will be there too. I hope things go in my favor. I have nothing against me. Advice/encouragement needed...
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  • Girl you will be fine .I have not to much to say is BC his the one with the issues not you. Ill be proud going to court knowing the one reason why his trying to fight with you is BC you moved on and your doing,better without him. Sometimes we can't pick out our mistakes will just grow and learn from,them. Good luck.
  • Good luck today! I went through a very similar situation a few months ago. The stress is terrible, but I'll say a prayer that things go in your favor. I'm so sorry you are going through something like this. I know how I felt when my XH started dating a (much younger) girl, and moved in with her a WEEK later... Even though I wouldn't ever go back to him, it was devastating. Stay strong, and please msg me if you would like to vent/chat.
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  • Thank you ladies for the support!! <3   @HeidiJo24, I can't remember how to PM someone!! 

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