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Still no power

On day five now. This sucks. I caved Wednesday and came down to my parents' house with the kids. Luckily my parents still had their old crib so we had a pace for both of them to sleep. It's been so nice to be in a warm house! DH stayed home cause the buses started running back ino the city so he has had work. But he is coming down tonight. This just crazy. I really hope it omes back soon so we can get home.

ETS, did you get power back? 

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Re: Still no power

  • We lost power for one day before and I felt like I was losing my mind. It's amazing how dependent we are without even realizing it! I hope it's back on today, I can't imagine with your LO's... Thank goodness you had a place a crash, but there's no place like home!

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  • I was just thinking about you and wondering if you had power yet. I'm glad you guys could go to your parents' house! Hope you get your power back soon!!
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  • We were without power for 5 days (just got it back today) and it was awful. It was so cold at night, we slept with sweatshirts and hats on. It might have been romantic, except that I just had surgery, so no alcohol and no sex for me. Also, I am a complete idiot because somehow I didn't realize that no power meant no hot water. Still, we are lucky that we didn't have any damage to our place or our car (or ourselves). My thoughts are definitely with those who still have a long way to go!
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    ::Cue He Man lightening and awesome sword::

    We cheated a bit and went to Florida for the weekend. It was a pre-planned trip, but it came at the right time! Glorious hot showers, all the electricity we could ask for, clean sheets..... It was heaven. 

    Got back this morning and we have power! And hot water! I can bathe! And do a weeks worth of gross laundry! And vacuum! And clean! And dishes! 

    Wait. Maybe this power thing isn't such a hot idea after all. 



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