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My husband Is in the Air Force and we're moving to Little Rock AFB in mid-Dec. I'll be 19 weeks. Can anyone recommend a good OB or practice in the area? Thank you!

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  • dr huback and her group. they are at baptist.
  • I just moved to LR in May (non-military). My OB is Dr. Bryan Fuller @ LR Womens Clinic. It's on the same campus at Baptist-Springhill. The office is a bit disorganized but he's really, really nice. 1 of my gf is a L&D nurse at Baptist-Springhill and recommended him. Plus he has small hands Big Smile

    Good luck on your move and welcome to LR!


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  • I'm only 6 weeks so I just had my flrst appointment with Dr. Olsten and my husband and I liked him alot. Dr. Chang was highly recommended as well. They take Tricare. Hubby is military, just moved here a few months ago good luck and congrats!
  • I loved dr fuller when I was in LR! Miss him now that I'm overseas! Highly recommend him!
  • Stay away from Dr. Chang.  I know a lot of military use him b/c he takes tricare and he is awful. My aunt had a ruptured appendix that caused her to go into labor a little early. He missed the rupture, sent her home so sick she couldn't hold her head up and gave her a script for depression. 2 weeks later she almost died b/c she was septic from the rupture. She can no longer have children b/c it had rotted out her woman parts and she had to have a hysterectomy. I also know 2-3 ladeis that he left gauze in. And another girl that misscarried her baby at 6 months b/c she went to him with pain in her back (so excruciating she couldn't stand up) and he sent her home and told her that is part of being pregnant. Well she had a kidney stone and a week later (still in the same pain) she finally went to the ER and her body was septic. She delivered her baby at 6 months still born and almost died. STAY AWAY! I see Dr. Wyatt but he all the way in LR and I don't know if he takes Tricare but him and Dr. Hutchinson in his office are very good. Dr. Wyatt is very supportive of no drug labor if you want to go that route.
    Good luck.
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  • dont use dr. chang my sister used him and he was awful, she almost died from loss of blood with a blood clot gone unnoticed. i used dr. dale fuller for the first two and will for this one my last. his son is also a dr  there as well who my sister is using this time around.


    its north little rock womens clinic. they are great there and only maybe 15 minutes or so from the base. they take tricare and are almost always quick to get you back. his nurse is amazing as well and  always called me right back with any questions or concerns. and you delievery at the hospital just right across the street. (litterly walking  distance as i did with my first for an emergancy c section)

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  • I also recommend this group. I use Ashley Deed and she is wonderful - calm and friendly, makes you feel welcome and not rushed at all. 
  • well i go to dr dajani on pine and ceder in the uams health dept the 2nd floor is strickly for women i guess since im high risk they why they refered me to her i love her im due in nov 
  • Little Rock G &O w/ Dr. Gregory. I love that the clinic is all women and I read lots of great reviews about the clinic before I switched. http://lrobgyn.com/Our_Practice.html
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  • Dr Wyatt or dr singleton are good.
  • Dr. Kevin Breniman at Cornerstone on baptist campus is amazing. I was a maternal transport from another hospital and he took over my care at Baptist and he was amazing and prayed with us

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