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Stupid man /:

So my babys dad and I were going to try to work things out. Well that didn't go so well. Now he's been very like in and out, if that makes sense. One week he won't talk to me at all, then out of the blue he'll text me asking how his daughter is doing. I just don't want my little girl to be hurt by the one man who is supposed to protect her, and if he is in and out now, what's to say he won't be in and out of her life? Plus he's really hurtful with his words and I do not want my daughter growing up thinking that's okay. I don't know what to do ]: anyone have any advice or anything? I feel so lost /:

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  • I would suggest if you guys are willing to work things out seek couple counseling. If he declines to seek counseling see if you guys can maybe first talk out you guys differences. Now my BD he has done the samething. Where he want to come around when he feels and when he feels he wanna hang.out or don't wanna be a dad he doesn't comes around. So I may it so where it don't hurt my girls. I said to myself he won't see them and disappoint them because of his tardness. It's not being fair or not being a parent. Also as far as him coming in and out, make arrangements where he takes DD everyother week or weekend. what ever works best for you. Good luck...
  • I'm worried about the same thing with BD.
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  • Now he's getting worse. I have about four months until my EDD and he's saying "i have four months to figure out what I wanna do" and he's more worried about his ex wife's little girl, who is NOT his and is a product of xw cheating, than he is about my daughter. All he can say is how is you having a girl gonna affect my babygirl. Im like seriously? I havent heard one good thing come out of his mouth about this baby. At first it was him denying the baby. Then nothing at all. Then when I found out it was a little girl, he actually admitted to me that he was upset and disappointed! I really think its best if he just goes away because he obviouslg dgaf /:
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