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1st Trimester

Eating smaller meals. Feeling icky.

I have been trying to eat smaller meals when I am hungry since I get hungry after a few hours of eating. I have been having issues with low blood sugar and feeling dizzy and super tired all of a sudden. The smaller meals don't seem to be helping get rid of the icky feeling. I find that usually I will eat a small meal and then I am starving 30 minutes later and still felling horrible.

I haven't gained any weight the past few weeks, so maybe my body needs the extra food? I am worried about gaining a lot of weight in the beginning since I gained five pounds so far. (I think a few pounds of it went to by boobs. haha)

Anyone else feeling like this? How have you worked through it?

PS~ I have to say this is my biggest issue. I have had a very easy pregnancy compared to most, and for that I am grateful.

Edit: I forgot to mention that sometimes I will almost pass out in the shower. It isn't due to it being too hot either. This is a major reason why I need to get this figured out. It is kind of scaring me. :( It happens about once a week, to the point where I have to get out and sit on the edge of the tub because my vision gets white and starry. My breathing also gets heavy. I mentioned it to a doctor I saw and he said it was low blood sugar, but I have had food today, so I am kind of worried it is something else? Would low vitamin D levels do this?

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