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1st Trimester

Cramps v. Ovulation Cramps v. Implantation Cramps

I am a lurker from the TTGP board ... since all of you ladies are in your 1st I thought you might be able to decipher the difference between regular cramps, ovulation cramps and implantation cramps. I'm trying to be report accurately on FF but since this is my first month TTC I have no idea what i'm feeling and what my "normal" is. 

I'm on CD12 and i've had cramping on and off since CD8 but nothing like my period cramps ...


My Ovulation Chart[/url]

Re: Cramps v. Ovulation Cramps v. Implantation Cramps

  • I agree with PP that you can't really tell, it's more of a hindsight thing.

    Honestly, accurately taking your temps, charting CM, and using OPKs, are going to be the most important part of TTC and will give you an accurate FF chart.  I wouldn't worry too much about charting cramping.

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  • I never had any ovulation pain, but I definitely had different cramping when I conceived.

    I remember feeling a different type of cramp, that was pretty constant. I had a fleeting thought I was prego too, but it was too soon to take a test, however, I took it anyway, and it came back BFP. (I  had the cramping on Thursday morning, took the test friday night, it was only 11 days post ovulation).

    for me, I just knew.. It's my first time, but I just knew I was, and I am :-)

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