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Low cervix and sex

Hi everyone,

After my first daughter was born 5 years ago (yesterday was her birthday actually!), my cervix never went back up, it is still very low. My first appointment isn't until the 15th and I am wondering if it's safe to have sex. I'm afraid we will knock the baby right out of there!

To give you an idea, you can easily touch my cervix with your fingers, and my fianc? is pretty very well endowed.. Any advice? 

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Re: Low cervix and sex

  • Call and see if you can talk to a nurse.
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  • Are you sure you're feeling your cervix? I don't think it "comes down" during birth; it thins, opens, and moves from facing the back to the front. Could it be a bladder prolapse you're feeling? I would think if your cervix was that low sex would be very uncomfortable whether you were pregnant or not.
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  • I know it is my cervix, my doctors have confirmed and commented on it. The cervix does begin to point down when you are preparing for birth. 
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  • hmm.. i dont know about low cervix's.. but i would just be very cautious. I don't want to go into too much detail, but maybe you guys can do it shallow for a while, or maybe please each other in other ways. Or I would just keep the hokey pokey to a minimum.. like maybe once a week? at least until the baby is bigger and your out of the 1st tri. Your cervix also moves considering how aroused you are. Maybe your key is ALOT of foreplay?? lol
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  • It doesn't sound like your cervix is abnormally low to me - do you know what it was like before your first pregnancy? I think most people can easily reach their cervixes with their fingers. I can, and my doctor has never commented on it. People who chart use cervix position and texture as a secondary sign to help them pinpoint ovulation, and that's how you check - stick a finger in and feel. 

    Unless you've been told by a doctor to abstain, you should be fine. Baby is very well protected right now. But your cervix will be a little more sensitive while pregnant, so you might have some spotting afterwards (also fine, as long as it's not loads of blood or accompanied by cramping). If you're really concerned about it, just wait, or call and ask. 

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  • My cervix was also hanging out pretty low for a while, but it finally moved way up about a week ago. I'd think you were fine, maybe just stay away from positions that allow for really deep penetration?
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  • Your FI isn't going jam through your cervix and poke your baby. I would imagine that if you do actually have a low cervix then he has hit it a few times causing pain or an uncomfortable feeling. The only thing I would expect is some bleeding after sex from an irritated cervix, which I also assume you've had prepregnancy if you have low cervix. I say this all from experience as well. Just avoid deep penetration positions.
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