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13 month LO will only sleep if walked in carrier

My 13 month old son can only fall asleep for naps/bedtime if we walk him around in our Beco carrier.  My husband and I haven't found a better way to put him to sleep without motion (rocking in our arms alone doesn't work because he pops up his head to look around).  I don't necessarily mind walking him to sleep in the carrier because it doesn't take long until he falls asleep, but I don't know how to transition him from this at this point.  The reason I'm thinking of this is my husband and I are starting to talking about TTC in the next half year, and I know I can't keep this up if I have a growing belly.  

Does anyone else have experience transitioning their LO from needing to be walked or rocked to sleep?  

Re: 13 month LO will only sleep if walked in carrier

  • I don't have advice on how to stop it, but I can give you some encouragement about being PG and babywearing. While you can do front carries until they are no longer comfortable, back carries start to be much more comfortable for increasingly heavy and long kiddos. I was walking DS1 down for naps just a few weeks before DS2 was born. DS1 can go to sleep still (if being cuddled and stroking one of our ears), but he liked motion to sleep for a long time. Even now, I will often time our return drive home from outings with sleepy time. He falls asleep in the car VERY easily and then we transfer him to bed. When my parents watch DS1. they take him for long stroller walks to get him to nap.
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  • That's good to know!  I haven't tried a back carry with my son yet (he's still pretty light -- 18 lbs -- so it didn't occur to me to try a back carry)... I'll definitely try it!  When did your DS1 start getting more comfortable sleeping without the motion?  


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  • Well...I'm currently wearing my 18 month old to sleep for her nap on my back...so I don't think it's odd or "bad" ;)

    But if you do want to transition...you could try putting him down right before he falls asleep.  Another option is to work on a new bedtime routine - the No Cry Sleep Solution toddler edition might have some helpful ideas on that front. 

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