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Today at playgroup there was an organized activity (colours bingo).  One of the kids didn't want to play (about 3 years old) and the mother forced the girl to sit on her lap while the girl was kicking and screaming and obviously did not want to participate.  The mother, obviously embarrassed kept saying "I don't know what's wrong with her... she don't behave at all, that one"  I felt bad because the mother didn't know how to respond and was definitely trying her best.

The Kindergarten teacher in me wanted to distract the child by saying "oh, DD hasn't been here before... would you show her some of the toys" to deflect the sitation and give the girl an "out" from the game while allowing her to take on the role of "teacher" to my daughter...but... being new to the group, not the one in charge,  and not wanting to step on anyone's toes, I left it alone...

What would you do in a situation like that?!?


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