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Go to gift from kids?

What do you usually give people from your LOs?  With Christmas coming up, I always feel obligated to get something for those people who will give my girls something.  Since this will be just about everyone we know, reciprocating was getting pretty expensive.  I would love to come up with some ideas that can be from the girls.  (And asking the girls is pretty pointless as I have no money for ponies or new cars or boats)
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Re: Go to gift from kids?

  • Have them do arts & crafts...but honestly gifts are supposed to be given w.o an obligation for a return gift so please don't feel like you HAVE to do so in return
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  • I give people a thank you note and/or a picture of DD.  Unless its me, DH or the grandparents, I won't give them a craft from DD. 

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  • cookie mix in a jar--go to for recipes
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  • Sorry but I don't believe that you have to give everyone who gets your kids a gift one in return.  My kids give their grandparents gifts and that is about it (well they buy something for each other as well).  For aunts/uncles, etc who choose to get them a gift, they girls write nice thank you cards/draw a picture.  WE do a grab bag with the cousins on my side of the family so each person buys for one other person and on my DH's side, we as a family will buy the other kids gifts but the adults do not exchange gifts.


    If you really feel the need to give a gift to everyone, I would have a huge arts and crafts day and let your kids make a ton of cute crafts and hand those out.

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  • When my DS was in daycare and had tons of different teachers I did a $5 gift card for Family Video, a package of unpopped pop corn, box of movie candy and a 2 cans of soda.  It came out to about $7.  For his main teachers we did something nicer.

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