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Lower back pain

I have been pretty lucky and haven't had any pains during this pregnancy.  However, today I started experiencing bad lower back pain and now it feels like it is radiating around the front to my lower stomach.  Anyone else have this?  It's pretty painful.  Do you think I am fine or should I call the doctor?
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Re: Lower back pain

  • Sounds pretty typical, but I'm no doctor. Doesn't hurt to give them a call, but doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. I'm experiencing a lOT more aches and pains all of a sudden, I guess bc LO had a growth spurt. Last night I had what i think was round ligament pain on both sides just from getting up for a late night potty run. It was so bad I couldn't go back to sleep for a while. At first I worried but then I figured just normal aches.
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  • Yeah experiencing the low back pain too. Its normal but there are ways to relieve it. i Messaged my OB.  May go see my physical therapist that I was seeing before pregnancy. She helped realign my spine with manual therapy and it helped. Yoga and lots of walking also helps too. 
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  • I have had horrific back pain the last few days. I am right there with ya girl...hang in there and sit down!!!! 
  • Mine started about 2 weeks ago on the lower left side of my spine and occ. radiates to my left hip.. I've been told its sciatica. I haven't been back to my OB just yet, but stretching has helped make it through the day.
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