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Cracked nipples from Extended BF?

Has anyone had experience with this?

 I'm not sure why this is happening, but for some reason DD is nursing a lot more lately and one of my nipples is severely injured. It's almost as bad as it was when she was a newborn and wasn't latching properly. I feel weird asking for a prescription for Jack Newman's nipple ointment at this point, but I'm wondering how long it should take for this to heal?

It's been over a week and it's still really bad :/

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Re: Cracked nipples from Extended BF?

  • This has happened to me a few times recently.  Last month it was really bad, even more because my pump was having some issues.  I had to get my lanolin cream out and was lathering up several times a day. Thankfully it cleared up pretty quickly because it was worse than when DD was starting to nurse.  Yowza!  I hope you get some relief soon.
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  • Are you sure it isn't thrush? I got it when DS1 was about 15 months, and it hurt quite a bit. I would get it checked out, but also do lanolin or the stuff at Whole Foods - "Mother's Cream" or something like that.
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