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FF question

Good afternoon ladies,

 I have a quick question about my FF chart,  here.  I take my temp at 4:45 in the morning.  I typically sleep well and all night and don't need to worry about not getting enough straight hours to get an accurate reading.  

I did have this weird issue with my temp repeating a lot or varying between two specific temps at the beginning of the cycle.   

I'm wondering about yesterday's temp, CD 20.  It was at the normal waking time, but I do remember when I got up I had that slight sore throat feeling like I had been mouth breathing (ew).  And because it dropped so much, I disregarded it.  Then when my temp went back up today, I thought it was a fluke temp yesterday.  

Do you all think that was a smart thought to disregard yesterday's temp? 


BFP #1 11/5/2012 : EDD 7/17/2013 : M/C 11/26/2012 BFP#2 2/26/2013 : EDD 11/2/2013

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