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Am i nuts?

Almost every cycle I feel ovulation pain, especially since I started meds in July. I also feel a week later stretching, like something is trying to implant. But always BFN. Am I crazy or just wishing too much? I mentioned to my Dr but they did not think much of it.

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Re: Am i nuts?

  • Could be a little of both, wishing and hoping or actually something... last cycle we created baby but it didn't implant and so bfn and I felt the same stretching/slight on and off cramping... all of that... This month we actually are pregnant and I felt like I was getting af with serious cramps only difference is my clothes are getting a little tighter (but I usually gain for af) and my boobs are way bigger and sore (also normal for af) so I really thought I was out.... Best of luck!!! 
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  • I feel those things too, but I blame the meds since they give you the same symptoms as pregnancy. I made myself so crazy the past few cycles that I am actually trying to not track those feelings and ignore them as much as possible.

    Hugs! I know it is hard.

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  • I have noticed more ovulation pain when i have been on clomid and letrazole.  This cycle i am only 5DPO but yesterday and today I swear i have had some dull aching/cramping.  I also don't know if i am making it up, its something else entirely, or something trying to implant.  wish we had magic mirrors that could tell us what was going on in there!  
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