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Am I crazy to reconsider his old preschool?

Am I crazy to reconsider DS's old preschool?  

DS was in a local preschool from February thru May 2011.  

There, we had a few incident reports of hitting, and  I had to be called into the office a few times for DSs behavior (uncontrollable meltdowns).  In the office, they would try to explain that DS is having some behavior issues which needed attention - and at that time, we didn't have any evaluations, and we pulled him from the school thinking that it just wasn't a proper fit.

We picked this school because its 10min from our house & work, they only go up to preK4...and its very clean.  The classroom sizes are pretty average (16kids to 2teachers).

We tried to place him in the fall in a PreK3 - 8th grade school after the first, thinking the first school was the problem.  However 3 days into the 2nd school we were asked to leave due to behavior issues and a large class (35kids in 1 classroom).  This prompted me to SAH with him, evaulations to be made, and finally a therapy plan was made. 

Over the summer DS was evaulated for Speech and Occupational Therapy. It was found he had a minor speech delay and sensory issues relating to tactile, and we have been seeing therapists for 1mo(OT) & 6months(ST).  The OT also works with him on his behavior, and with maturity and practice many can see improvements in him.

We would like to put him in a preschool setting by the summer and enter into fall, and I was thinking about reconsidering his old preschool.  Do you think this is a good idea?  I felt we didn't see eye-to-eye with them in the past, and I feel it was due to not being armed with the information we had now...WDYT? 

Re: Am I crazy to reconsider his old preschool?

  • I wouldn't. I think a new place where they have no preconceptions about your son would be best. A fresh start.
    Glad he is doing better.

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    I wouldn't. I think a new place where they have no preconceptions about your son would be best. A fresh start. Glad he is doing better.

    I agree with this.  We pulled DS out of his preschool in August.  If we were to send him to another school I would want one that would be a fresh start for him.  Even if your son is improving I'm sure he'll still have off days since all kids do and I would worry that they would really hold it against him.   

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  • I would only as a last resort.  I would try and find a preschool that is equiped with staff that can handle kids with some special needs.  You didn't see eye to eye with them the first and even now, with the information you have learned, they will not have changed.  Unless you feel that the issues that you had the 1st time around were 100% on you, then it won't be different.  My DD has a speech delay and ADHD and we had her in a PreK where the main teacher also had a background in special ed.  She was in a separate spoeech preschool 2x a week for 90 mins each day but her PreK program was full time, 5 days a week so she just left for the speech class and the staff was able to work with her during the rest of the day and she is now in kindergarten and thriving.  You need to find the right fit for your child and for you.
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