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No more lurking for me... Intro

Hello everyone... I confess I have been lurking for quite a while... I felt like it was helping enough just reading some of the posts... Some of you are so kind and thoughtful to one another and it was nice just reading.  But after 9 months of trying I decided that maybe it would be great to become a part of the group of poeple going through the same situation... So here I am... out I hiding I guess you would say...

 I am in my mid 20's and and married to my best friend...  We are going on 9 months this month TTC and this TTC concept is not at all what I thought it would be... Every month that goes by seems to just make the dream of having a little one further and further out of reach...  Everything seems normal... Regular cycles and such,yet each month passes without the BFP.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say hello.  Everyone have a great Monday!!!

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Re: No more lurking for me... Intro

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