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I am in limbo hoping tomorrow I will be able to go for u/s and blood work to see if wed is my iui day. Problem is hurricane sandy, ugh not sure if I will be able to drive the 30 minutes to the hospital. I am hoping I will be able to travell. I am in RI and I am going to MA. Hoping Sandy will calm her hormones and lstays quiet till im done. Anyone else effected by the storm???????

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  • I'm in New Jersey and they just cancelled preschool for my son tomorrow and my appointment on Tuesday. I was supposed to go in for my CD 21 bloodwork before starting lupron. They're going to have me come in Wednesday instead.

    DH and I just finished preparing for the worse. We filled a few bins with water in case we lose power. We have well water so if the power does my water! Also gathered all the flashlights, batteries and candles. Laundry all done so we have enough clothes to last us. With hurricane Irene we lost power for a few days and weren't prepared. So Sandy can kiss my a$$.

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  • We weren't prepared for irene either and I was pregnant! we are prepared for this storrm and we are finishing up laundry now. looks like we will be in the same boat no power. I still have to work because I am a CNA and I do home care. Stay safe NJ is looking for a direct hit. All schools are closed here and some businesses. I will call RE office I might be able to wait till tuesday.
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    We are in central Pa.  Did laundry, filled buckets with water ( well water, so, no power, no water)...  Hoping for the best...
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  • I'm in northern NJ and the RE office was open this morning. Luckily, it still hasn't started to rain here, although it's plenty windy!
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