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Newbie Question about CF/CM

Hi there. I've already concluded that I'm incredibly naive when it comes to all things "baby making" and I'm working on educating myself about my body and charting. I'm on FF and working through those lesson! 


Here's my question. I run a 40 day cycle (supposedly, based on 6 cycles that I circled on the calendar while I was engaged - I wanted to know if I'd have AF during the wedding) and I've been working on charting. I even looked up photos of CF/CM to make sure that I was getting it right.   Is it possible to have "egg white" CM several different times during a cycle? It seems to come and go. For example, I has "watery" CF on the 11th, I was "dry" on the 16th, I was "egg white" on the 21-23, back to watery on the 25th/26th, and back to "egg white the 27th-28th.

 Am I doing something wrong?  

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