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Harmony Test

Has anyone had this? I just heard about it and am wondering if doctors are ordering it and what the difference is with Materni21.
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Re: Harmony Test

  • I thought they were pretty much the same thing, maybe just different vendors.
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  • I just posted the same thing today on high risk and 3rd tri! My understanding is that they are pretty much the same, but created by different companies. I have had some risk factors crop up from 20 weeks on and am therefore looking for an alternative to a late-term amnio. I am talking to my perinatologist next week about the Harmony test.
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  • I met a genetic counselor to find out about the Harmony a few weeks ago, the main difference I gathered, is that the Harmony does not test for gender while the Matern21 does. 

    Other stuff we were told, that the Harmony is 99% accurate at screening only for Downs, the accuracy goes down to about 90% for trisomy 13 and 18. It does not screen for any other chromosomal disorders other than those 3.  

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  • The way harmony is reported is different. With harmony, you will know if you are in an area of higher risk. But, with maternit21 or verifi, it's a numerical cutoff. Above or below= + or -.  This means, you could be 1 point away from + and still be called a -.  We wanted to know if we were in the gray area because cvs/amnio is indicated for both high risk and positive harmony results at our MFM.  Turs out, we were lowest possible risk which gives me greater comfort than a negative maternit21 result since I would never know with maternit21 how close to positive we were. I decided that meant more to me than learning the gender. Not only that, but a dear friend of mine is a MFM in another state and she said, from a docs perspective, they want to know risk so they can advise their patients. And, there is a difference in how the test is run.  I don't understand the specifics of it, but it is slightly different. I thought for sure we'd want sequenom since we were one of the study participants in 2010.  But, no. After careful research, we chose harmony. 
  • Ps, can't edit so I'll add, we were offered all three tests (maternit21, harmony, verifi). My MFM offers all three. It was our choice which one to go with.
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    Hi all, thanks for the dialogue. Thought we might offer some insight about the Harmony Prenatal Test. Clinical research (http://www.ariosadx.com/review-clinical-data/clinical-data/) has shown that the Harmony Prenatal Test offer more accurate, simple ways of understanding fetal trisomy risk. The Harmony test provides a personalized result and takes into account a woman?s age, gestational age as well as other factors that can be used to better calculate risk. This is different than the other tests mentioned above that use massively parallel shotgun sequencing, which is a type of technology method that has some limitations and extra cost (http://www.ariosadx.com/about-the-science/). The Harmony test has a greater than 99% detection rate for trisomy 21, which causes Down syndrome, and has a false positive rate of 0.1%, which is lower than the other two tests mentioned. More information is available about the Harmony Prenatal Test at http://www.ariosadx.com/for-pregnant-women/.  ? Ariosa Diagnostics

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  • Did the Harmony Test and it was so easy. Simple blood draw and then came back about 10 days later. It is 99% accurate for Downs so we were confident with those results. I would recommend it. Don't know much about the other tests.
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