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20wk ultrasound gender accuracy

We had our midterm ultrasound yesterday and I had done a lot of reading on determining gender and what the bits are supposed to look like and this and that. So I was quite disappointed when the technician, who performed the whole thing like she was in a race to the finish line, was quick to point out that sence there's nothing there it must be a girl... The baby was very curled up in a fetal position with it's feet in the way. And while you could see the bottom and nothing where I suppose you would see something in the case of a boy, everything I read prior said the absence of a penis did not mean girl... Shouldn't she have looked for the labia in case of a girl before being so quick to state such? The picture shows nothing and the feet are partly in the way. I'm now thinking of doing a 3D to confirm because I'm worried.

Re: 20wk ultrasound gender accuracy

  • Hello! I'm a sonographer as well as a new mom to be. At a 20 wk appointment, you should be able to see gender, but the bigger baby gets and the more scrunched up it becomes in there, the more difficult it can be to determine gender. I would hope that your tech tried to look more than once, but some are rushed for time unfortunately. I wouldn't worry too much. If she said baby was in a bad position, chances are it's feet were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope you find out soon. It must be driving you nuts! Good luck : )
  • Well she seemed pretty rushed so she only "attempted" looking once, and her words were "don't see anything, must be girl..." and brushed me off when I asked what parts were. I am just disappointed with the whole ordeal. I'm planning a 3D in a few weeks which will be out of pocket but at least I will get a better experience and get confirmation.
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  • i have my 20wk scheduled for Tuesday. but it is thru the specialist office, not the regular ob/gyn office (i'm considered high risk). i think the techs in the regular doctors office are too quick and don't take the extra time to ease our pregnant minds. at the specialist office they are more thorough and i ultrasound pics look clearer to me.


    maybe you can ask your doc to recommend a prenatal specialist for a 2nd ultrasound /2nd opinion. it might be covered by your insurance and less out of pocket money for you. 

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