International Bumpies

Can I lurk here?

Full disclosure, I'm not even close to being an international bumpie, but I want to be.  :-(  

I'm from the southern US and DH and I have one son who is almost two.  My homeboard is Dec 2010 but things get really quiet over there sometimes.  We traveled extensively before DS and desperately would love to give him the opportunity to spend some of his childhood abroad, but we just haven't figured out how to do that yet.

Anyway, you guys seem really cool, and you make me very nostalgic for all of the places we love, so I hope you don't mind if Iurk.  I just always thought it was weird to have people on TB who "knew" me but I didn't know anything about them.

:: shrinks back into lurkdom :: 

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Re: Can I lurk here?

  • Well, we can't stop you from lurking, but don't feel like you can't contribute just because you're pre-international. ;) If you have questions about going abroad, someone here can probably give some insight. Maybe not me since I went the "marry a foreigner" route, but not everyone here did! And hi!
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  • US government jobs are a great way to live abroad. They pay for almost everything. They pay for the move, your housing and utilities and a cost of living per diem.
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  • Thanks ladies!!  LOL, at "pre-international" too.  It's perfect, I love it!
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  • Of course you can hang out here :-) 

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