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LO making her way into our bed...

My LO has been slowly making her way into our bed.  I put her down and she's good for about 2 hours and then she starts to get fussy and does the lifts-the-legs-in-the-air-and-drops-them thing, has started to turn side to side and it drives my husband and I bonkers! And she ends up waking herself up.  She is currently in a co-sleeper next to my bed but i think its getting to small for her. The moment I pick her up and lay her next to me, she's out like a light! And she sleeps all night long! I really don't mind having her in my bed, even with all the negative comments i get from family and friends, but our bed it too small for all three of us to sleep comfortably and we don't want to spend on getting a bigger bed. Any suggestions?  I've seen on here someone post about a side-car??

Thanks ladies!

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Re: LO making her way into our bed...

  • We've gotten a bigger bed, and gave DD the mattress we had used before.  Yeah, a queen is overkill for a toddler, but given how much she can move around, I can't feel to bad about it.
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  • We didn't originally intend to co-sleep, but DS was jaundiced and had to wear a biliblanket for 5 days after coming home from the hospital. That thing was loud and uncomfortable and he refused to be set down. I let him sleep in the crook of my arm for a few nights, and it was so comfy and snugly that I asked myself over and over, "could there possibly be a safe way to do this?" 

    So that was when I started researching co-sleeping and determined that I was an AP...sort of backwards, I guess. I said, "yeah, I think and do all that stuff! I must be an AP mom!"

    Anyway, as for sidecarring, you can either get an arms reach co-sleeper or just take one side off LO's crib and push it up against the bed. My friend did the second, and the crib mattress was level with her mattress, so she could snuggle and nurse without LO being in bed with her, and when he was old enough to roll over, he would just roll into the side of the crib.

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