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Anyone have experience with Virginia Hospital Center?

I probably am switching to a new OB even though I'm 6 months pregnant.  She has excellent reviews and operates out of Virginia Hospital Center.  Anyone had any good/bad experiences there?

Re: Anyone have experience with Virginia Hospital Center?

  • Hi, I am delivering at VHC as well. I work there as a nurse and many of my coworkers have delivered their babies there and loved it. It's a great hospital and I am looking forward to having my baby there. I havent heard anything bad from anyone yet so thats always good too! Good luck to you :)

  • i am a childbirth educator and many of my students birth at VHC. i've heard really wonderful things about the hospital. it is highly regarded as the most mother-baby friendly hospital in the area.
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  • Delivered at VA Hospital Center and it was great.  Very attentive staff, decent food, nice new private rooms.  My only complaint, as Ella mentioned, is the Lactation Consultant. She spent a whopping 3 minutes with us, said everything was great and left.  Um, no everything wasn't great, but I'll spare you the details.
  • I delivered at VHC, my baby was small (under 5 lbs) and the NICU team came into the room immediately - I got to see and hold my baby minutes after she was born (after they did the Apgar in the room) and they strongly encouraged breastfeeding before formula was given in the NICU.  I also wanted my parents out of the room and they simply told my mom they couldnt see me because I was "having a procedure done" and when I was ready they let them come back.  My OBGYN is Reepah Shah at Women to Women, but I have seen all of the doctors in that practice and they are all wonderful.  Congrats and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!  VHC is great :)
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