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Alternative Vaccine Schedules - which did you use?

I apologize because I realize this gets brought up daily and is a source of tension and debate. Without igniting any major flames - we have decided to fully vaccinate our child, but would like to delay and spread them out. Right now we have tentatively selected the Sears schedule, but I'm wondering what else is out there. Which schedule did you select and why? 
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Re: Alternative Vaccine Schedules - which did you use?

  • We're doing the schedule our doctor recommends.  It may be the Sears schedule, I don't know.  Basically she only gets one shot a month and she's had two so far.  She's had one HIB and one DTap.  She's getting another HIB at her next visit.  It's a very delayed schedule. 
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  • I made my own schedule based on my research and the input of my doctor.  We wait on all shots until 2 months and then only do one per visit, split up combos (that we can), and go every two weeks until we are caught up.  I skip completely the rotavirus, chicken pox, flu vax, and Hep B.  Some of those shots we will consider at a later date (especially Hep B and chicken pox).

    My doc decides on which shot to give when.  She usually wants me to get the DTaP out of the way first.

    This schedule works well for us.  We are always caught up with the set of shots for each age range by the time we have our next appointment (for example, they have all the 2 month shots by the 4 month appointment).  My kids handle the shots well, never even getting a fever and many times, I can just nurse the baby while they are getting poked and they never even notice.

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  • There are actually two Sear's schedules that are alternates to the normal schedule. We are following what I think is called the selective schedule (does not include Flu shot I know). I may be wrong and we on the 'reduced'- I just can't recall on my sleep deprived brain.

    Anyways, the one we are on spaces them out so that LO gets no more than two vaccinations at one appointment, but we have to go in almost every month so that she can get them. We just felt strongly about reducing the amount of aluminium containing shots in one visit. This was a compromise for us since my family usually more closely follows standard processes, but my husband's family doesn't vaccinate at all (man were they pissed that we were even doing this schedule).

    This worked for us and I felt that it gave my daughter the protection she needs as well as keeping up the herd immunity that DH and I felt was important for little babies she is around.

    If you're going to pick a Sear's schedule I'd recommend reading the whole book.

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