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Tell me something awesome about being a mom :-)

Hi all,

So I'm struggling this last week. A lot. Am totally puffy and breaking out like a 15 year old, just developed carpal tunnel in both wrists, nausea has come back, I'm beyond exhausted. I am so very excited (and terrified) to B'H have a baby soon (although 8 weeks sounds like FOREVER right now) but I'm really, really having a hard time right now. 

So would love to hear something fantastic to focus on today


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Re: Tell me something awesome about being a mom :-)

  • the smell of his hair and skin when I am nursing him

    how he lights up when he sees dh or I

    his laugh

    my son is almost 11 months and just SO much fun right now. He is into everything, and it's so cool to see him explore and learn about the world.

    The end of pregnancy just sucks. I had a fairly easy pregnancy, but the end (back pain, no sleep, etc) is awful. hang in there!

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  • I started feeling pretty miserable when I hit 32ish weeks, too, and wondering how I would make it for another 8. I ended up only making it another 2, and while I would choose going to term over having a preemie any day, the one advantage was that the awful end-of-pregnancy symptoms were gone.

    So to help cheer you up, awesome things about being a mom include:

    - having DD look at me like I'm the best thing since sliced bread

    - she's not cuddly at all, but occasionally after she has just woken up from her nap, she'll snuggle into me while I hold her.

    - knowing that this is the one person in the entire world who loves you no matter what you look like (well, besides your own parents, perhaps :-))

    - the delight and pride in her eyes when she figures out something new

    - watching her develop a sense of humor and even start to tease us a little

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  • I love that everyday there is something new, a new sound a new tooth, new "obsession". The day she started to give hugs was AMAZING for us!
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  • What some of the others have said already...

    The smell of her hair after a bath...

    Snuggling on the sofa with a blanket to chill in the evening...

    Watching her "dance" to any music that she hears, even if she's trying to eat her dinner or drink something... she just can't help it! 

    Watching her grow and figure out new stuff and now start to put words together to form little sentences - she said "apple all gone" the other day - my heart melted!

    Watching her goof around with dh - either messing on the floor giggling or reading a book together - it makes me fall in love with both of them all over again...


    The end of pregnancy is hard and it does slow you down, but it is not forever.  Take time to get your nails done - when was the last time you could reach your toes!!  Or have a nice massage... these are the last few weeks of being able to do these things without having to arrange who is going to mind the baby, so take advantage of it.

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  • I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. It will end soon!

    being a mom is awesome when:

    dd and I have as giggling fest while she's eating dinner and she gets yoghurt all over her face and the dogs because she is feeding herself

    I go in to get her from a nap and she grins up at me and squeals excitedly

    she figures out a new skill and her face lights up

    she hugs me close as she gets sleepy and rests her head on my chest

    Seeing her grow and change and become more independent while still needing us so's just amazing. Totally worth the sleepless nights and confusion about why she's screaming all day sometimes. In the beginning just watching her sleep on my chest was so great...I'm actually tearing up thinking about all the great times we've had in the midst of all the parenting struggles and confusion. It's been so great and she is just a joy to have in our lives.
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  • The last two months just plain suck (other than feeling those incredible movements-just not the kick straight to the ribs kind) You are almost there!

    December babies are the best..although I am slightly bias Wink

    There are so many things about babies that make pregnancies and delivery worth every second of it.  For me right now it is watching E walk across the room holding on to her walker then turning around and smiling at me with a look of triumph on her face.  Also, seeing her entire face light up and break into giggles when daddy comes home, then reaching out her pudgey arms to him for hugs...melts my heart every time!



    sibling love  

  • Because the love you are going to feel for your child is a love like no other you have had before. And because you begin to realise how special you are that you are your child's whole world.

    You suddenly become magic and make things better that no other can.  

    And trust me on this, because your whole life changes and this is all going to be history. You might even forget some of the bad bits.  

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  • The special look he gives me when I pick him up from daycare or when he sees daddy come home. 

    His contagious laugh that never stops.

    The way he tries to make every one laugh around him

    How much he loves his siblings, grandparents, cousins and ofcourse us

  • I totally loathed being pregnant in general, and those final weeks especially. I remember them all too well, but know that it was so completely worth it. Smiles, laughs, hugs, being proud of every little advancement, watching them grow and learn and become small but fabulous little people? there's just nothing else like it. :) It probably seems impossible to think now, but you'll be glad you endured this. You might not miss it ;) but you'll be glad you did it.
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  • there are SO many great things

    but lately I love that she's old enough to understand when I say 'Mama needs a cuddle'

    she'll come up to me and put her little hands on my face and ask 'Alright Mama?' and give me a kiss and cuddle

    PRECIOUS!!! :)

  • Super funny things that they say and hugs and kisses are the best!


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