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I'm very attracted to the principles of AP, and I don't think that having two at a time will be a barrier to pursuing AP as planned. Are there any AP MoMs here? I was planning on putting both babies in a Arm's Reach at first and going from there exploring our comfort level with co-sleeping/co-bedding. I'm also planning on getting two Ikea mattresses for use in the nursery or to side car one or both of them. Does this plan sound realistic?
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Re: AP Twins

  • Hi! You might want to ask on the Multiples board. I'm sure that there are some AP mommies over there. 

    I only have one LO and we bed share, but I recommend looking at the arms reach in advance. Make sure it's big enough for two babies. I love the idea of having them sleep together next to you. They will have spent every moment snuggled together, so that seems very natural to me!

    Sidecarring a crib with one side removed could be an alternative if you think that the arms reach will be too small. I have a friend who did this with her DS.

    Good luck, and congratulations! 

  • We are pretty AP with our twins who are 15 months.When they were little we did a combo of arms reach cosleeper, swings, their own cribs, and in our bed.The main thing is just being flexible and open to whatever works in the moment.I'd also recommend keeping an open mind when reading about AP, the reality of having two newborns is unless you have two people there 24/7 there will be times when one has to just cry. You can do things to limit it, wear them together, lots of nursing, etc, but there is only so much one person can do.It can be really hard to read some of the AP stuff about how horrible it is for a newborn to cry and then be in that position because of the reality of multiples.We also got somepart time help when they were small which was wonderful (someone who was there along with me), and might be something to consider.
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  • I have 19 month old twins and like the previous post states the key is to be flexible, because it is very different having two newborns.  While my husband was home we would each wear a baby, but otherwise I would either put both in the Moby or have one in the swing, etc.  I used a pack and play next to the bed for the first 3 weeks with both of them in it together within my arms reach.  I also breastfed them every 2 hours around the clock, usually tandem.  Hope this helps...good luck!
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