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RAVE about UNC midwives

Hey ladies,

I am definitely more of a lurker but I wanted to post a quick review of the UNC midwives because I was looking for info about them when I was considering care providers.

My son was born last Monday at UNC and we had an amazing experience. I did have a natural birth in the hospital. My midwife Stephanie was AWESOME, but to be honest I liked them all throughout my prenatal appointments. The thing I liked is that I always brought a list of questions to each appointment (sometimes long, ha) and they never rushed me. They also listened to be concerns about what i was hoping for with my birthing experience. My husband felt good about them because we were in a hospital if anything were to go wrong with me or LO. Originally I wanted to use the birthing center but we compromised with UNC and it was a great decision! 

Any questions let me know. Just wanted to let everyone know about another option in the area. 

Re: RAVE about UNC midwives

  • Thanks for the review. I'm looking for a midwife right now, I've heard great things about the UNC midwives. I'm in Raleigh so am definitely looking for something more local to me. My dream would be UNC though! Not surprisingly, there aren't many options around here for women who don't want to go the OB route. Currently looking at Triangle OB/GYN's midwives - there have been great reviews on them too. They deliver in Cary, so not a long drive for us :)

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