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Should I do this? re: p/s and naps

DD was in preschool last year, 2 days a week, 8:30-11:30.  She did well once there but at the end, getting her up and ready was a real struggle.  This year, money is a bit tighter so combining that with the fighting, we decided that preschool wasn't going to happen.  Except that DD seems really bored at home.  She doesn't get interaction with other kids (other than DD2) except for 45 minutes at library storytime and a little bit of playtime in the evening with neighborhood kids if the weather is nice.  I found a preschool run at our high school that is much cheaper.  They don't have space in the fall session but there are openings for the session that runs Feb-May.  The problem is that the hours are 11:45-2:15.  I would be picking her up right in the middle of DD2s naptime.  DD2 is fine if she misses her nap BUT I have a feeling that if she is missing nap 3 days a week, she will just drop it.  And if I wait to put her down until we get back, I think it will make her stay up too late at night.  Am I just being stupid about this and I should just suck it up, naptime will work itself out?  We are going back and forth on homeschooling next year and I would really like to give some sort of schooling another chance before we make the official decision. 
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Re: Should I do this? re: p/s and naps

  • I would move your younger DD's nap later; so its closer to 3 or so.  You pick up DD1 and then you all come home, hang out for a little while and then put DD #2 down around 3 for a nap. 
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  • I would definitely do preschool but I wouldn't move nap time later. If my kids napped at 3pm, they'd still be up at 10pm. I'd either move nap time earlier or just wake her up.
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  • Are there any other options at local churches or somewhere with a better time for you? Surely there is another lower cost option. Here, most church  preschools run from 9-12 or 8:45 - 11:45. I'd be nervous with preschool at a local high school. Who are the teachers and are the preschool kids in a seperate building from the high schoolers? That just sounds odd to me, but everywhere is different. Some of the elementary schools here have public preK, but not any of the high schools.

    Also, if you put her in during the middle of the school year rather than now, the other students will all be adjusted to the schedule, etc. I'd look for something you can put her in now.

    But if that is your only option, and you like the preschool at the high school, then go for it. Maybe you can move DD2's nap earlier say from 12-2 or something if you don't live too far from the school. Or she will have to nap late on those days.

    Or you could homeschool preschool to give homeschooling a try now. There is probably a homeschool network where you live that you could connect with to get her extra socialization even now.

    Also, I'd try to form a playgroup for her with a few other girls. Maybe talk to some of the other Moms at the library. At least you could set up some morning playdates at your house, the park, or something.

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  • We are in a similar situation. My son needs to be picked up at 130, getting us home close to 2.


    Many days I can get DD to nap from 11-1ish which works. She will sometimes lay down again at 2 just for 1/2 an hour or so. Other days she will nap from 2-5ish. 


    Neither is ideal, but she is getting some rest and preschool is worth it for us. 



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  • Move DD2's nap a little earlier? 
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