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Cute lunch check-in

I'm back! I've got some Halloween lunches to share - I plan on doing one every day until Oct. 31. My DD is particularly excited about these and is hoping for some scary ones this week.


Strawberries! I wasn't aggressive enough in flattening the bread before I rolled it, so the two pieces separated. There's also blueberries, strawberries, carrots (including a few "flowers"), cucumbers and a few pretzels in the chopsticks layer of the bento box. A trick on making the carrot flowers - cut off the top of the carrot stick first! I'm not sure why it too, me so long to figure that out!

Spiders! I got these silicones at Target last Halloween and have seen them on Amazon this year. The pumpkin picks are from Target this year - they're inside clear beverage stirrers and can unscrew from the top (what a weird product!). These two supplies made for a quick & easy lunch. I made mini cheese sandwiches with a FunBites cutter and strung them on the picks, separated by a blueberry. On top, a baby apple is surrounded by dried mango, sandwiches and a box of "spider egg" raisins. Below is just strawberries and the sandwich.

Bats! A big bat PB/honey sandwich is surrounded by blueberries, mini cheese bats, a strawberry, some crackers and a few slices of cucumber. DD was sick and ended up eating this at home. Oh the school germs!

No real theme here besides breakfast, because DD had to eat at 9:45 on this half-day at school. I pulled some rainbow pancakes from the freezer (she wanted them plain with no dippers) surrounded by blueberries. In the other side is a strawberry, small handful of grapes, two slices of bacon and a stack of Wheat Thins and cat cheese.

Witchy cat! I pulled the English muffin pizza from the freezer and added details with cucumber peel, cheese and carrot. I was pretty sloppy with the cream cheese "glue" but I still think she's cute. The pizza is on top of a piece of silicone lettuce to separate it from cucumber slices. There's also carrots and a mini Lego box with a few M&Ms inside, plus a sidecar of strawberries. Aaaand then I left the box in DD's backpack over the weekend, and over the weekend and the strawberries had turned into something *truly* scary. I also want to recommend PBK insulated lunchboxes. The moldy strawberries leaked all over the light fabric and I thought all was lost. However, after a quick soak in soapy water, it all looks good as new!

Hello Ninja? Or just Hello Kitty dressed as a black cat? The black stuff is nori and no, I'm not sure if DD will eat it! There are two mini Hello Kitty sandwiches with sprinkle details (stuck on with peanut butter) - I used a rice ball shaper as the mini cookie cutter. There's also tomatoes, snap peas, dried mango and a recycled candy container full of blueberries. Since this lunch is small, I added a sidecar of baby carrots. I'm rather proud of this one!

PIP your cute lunches here! And if you haven't already, add a little bit of Halloween (or just autumn) fun to lunch. I have seen supplies in the seasonal section of every store I've been to lately. Even a little touch makes a big difference! Have a great week everyone!

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Re: Cute lunch check-in

  • Love your inspiration!

    Mine aren't as themed, but I still like putting them together.

    Here is a fruit salad, bagel chips, and veggies with hummus. Plus a hard boiled egg with eyes from Mr Potato Head.



    Here is a green fun lunch. The hard boiled egg was decorated with edible markers. I had peas, cucumbers, and celery with cream cheese in the frog ($ store find! I got ladybugs, tigers, and bees too!). I wrapped a few crackers in a piece of green fabric. 



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    I love these two beautiful children!
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