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Rileys long birth

When I had my first baby it was October 2008. I was put on bed rest at 16 weeks. When I was a week before my due date the doctor told me it was ok to get around, then my due date passed and I started doing everything I could to go into labor, I even tried caster oil(EWWWWW it was so bad i do not suggest it) But nothing worked. So when a week passed...then another. I was sheduled to be induced i went to the hospital at 2 am on October 1st. the doctor came in and broke my water and induced me, I was planning to do all natural but I was in so much pain they at first just gave me something in my IV, it did nothing. most pain medications do not work on me. So hours later I was in so much pain they asked if I wanted an epidural and I am absolutly terrified of needles but I said how fast?!the epidural did nothing but numb my lower half I felt just as much pain. At 20 something hours of labor I started pushing, I pushed for 2 hours and he wasnt making any progress so they said I needed a C section. When I was preped for surgery I was laying on the table they start to cut and I FELT it! they had to knock me out it was bad. My son Riley Ethan Jack was born finally at 6:33 am October 2nd! Now im pregnant with my next, Im schedlued for a C section, Im hoping for easier time with this one.

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