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Geotrax or wooden train set?

I'm trying to decide which one to get DS for Christmas, he'll be turning 2 in December.  Which one do you recommend?
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Re: Geotrax or wooden train set?

  • Wooden.  So much easier for them to do themselves.  The boys like their geotrax every few months, but the thomas stuff I am not allowed to put away.  It is set up all over the play room and is played with all the time.  
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  • Wooden.  They can build it themselves.  I have to build the Geotrax for them. 
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  • Wooden.

    We got geotrax through freecycle.  While I seem to think it's cool, once the "it's a new toy!" wore off in a ffew days, he went back to the wooden.

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  • i guess it depends on the son has both (both were gifts), and he LOVES LOVES the geotrax set he has. We even got him some accessories/extensions for it for his birthday, and he loves it even more! we've had it for a year now, and he still plays w/ it all the time! 
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  • I got a ton of geotrax off a ton a cover my huge basement a ton, and my 2.5 year old DS is obsessed with them. Can he put them together by himself? No, but that's not a huge issue for us because the track stays together for periods of time. He mainly likes them because of all the big hills and tricks the 'buildings' do. He also loves that the motorized trains can crash and you can make multiple trains go at once. We probably have 10 different trains. Getting as much as we did isn't necessary of course but I got an awesome deal of ebay and it allows for a lot of variety so he doesn't get bored
  • Every child has their own preferences, but for us Geotrax has been a huge hit. It's the one toy that my 5 and 2 year old play with every single day! We have three huge storage tubs of it that can fill up our entire living room (second hand stores are a great place look for tracks!) and my 2 year old has been driving the trains since he could sit up, and has been putting the tracks together (very simple patterns) since he turned 2. My 5 year old can make more elaborate layouts than I can.

     We tried the wooden tracks, but my boys weren't impressed. 

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