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long health issues, period with nausea, etc?

Loooooong and some TMI...thank you in advance for reading! I have been going through a lot the last couple months and just wanted to see if anyone has been through anything remotely similar. It started in September. A few days before it all started, I felt a little extra anxious/nerves and shaky - just a bit off overall. These symptoms began on a Friday, and by Monday, I was having fever, chills, body aches. (I did not have sore throat or respiratory issues, and I also did not have vomiting or diarrhea at this point). I also started my period this same day (Monday). I was also crazy fatigued, dizzy, nauseated (though NOT vomiting) and zero appetite, and overall felt awful and stuck in bed for 10 days. The fever, body ache and chills went away after 3-4 days. I went to urgent care, they said "virus", I went to the ER twice dehydrated and got exams, lots of blood work, blood pregnancy test, urine test, chest x-ray even though no respiratory issues, Got IV fluids both times in ER and puzzled looks and "probably a virus" diagnosis. I was even told it could have been west nile, but they said no point in testing unless I had the brain inflammation version because it is just a virus too. After 10 days flat in bed/couch, I finally started feeling better - never got 100% but still much better, doing normal things again, eating normal foods again, etc. thought I had passed the worst sickness of my life. Now this month, last weekend started feeling shaky, nervous weird feeling and losing appetite a bit, Monday PERIOD starts again and nausea sets in huge and start feeling awful. Went to doc on Tues and had basic blood re-drawn as well as another blood pregnancy test to make sure - not pregnant, and all bloodwork looked really good and normal. Told to go home, get more sleep (I was getting about 8 hours already) and come back if not better by end of month. Over next day or two felt worse and worse, so nauseated, dry-heaving, feels exactly like really really bad morning sickness that lasts most of the day (which I had with both babies) but again, I am NOT pregnant.While talking to my husband, I realized my period seemed the common factor both times I have felt like this. I went back to my doctor yesterday to ask about that connection and was told it probably is connected but she can't test for it. She thought I should go on the pill to see if that regulates things. I quit taking the pill in June because I tried 3 pills after birth of my son and kept having bad side effects (headaches, dizziness, nausea) - once I stopped pills those symptoms stopped and things were normal until September. My doc also ordered an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound but can't get in for that til end of next week. She said all my blood work looked too good to be worried about anything crazy going on like cancers or major disease or infections. Also towards the middle/end of the September bout, I was having loose bowel movements daily, and sometimes multiple times per day and would wake up with my stomach in knots until I got up and had a loose bowel movement first thing (not normal for me at all - always been very regular consistency and no issues). The last couple days this symptom has not been as bad, but could be there is no food in my system to make a bowel movement with. Also, after I started feeling better, I waited a week and took it easy and then went back to light exercise a couple times per week (I had been working out consistently 4-5 days/week for the last year and a half). Now when I tried workout, everytime I had to run to the bathroom with looser bowel movement in middle of class, and felt horrible and nauseated after each exercise class - even though I did half-energy in class specifically so I wouldn't overdo it. I am frustrated beyond belief and tired of feeling so crappy. and now scared this will happen every month. Feeling like I need a second opinion from my family doc, but not sure whether to go to a OB/GYN, or endocrinologist, naturopath... not sure. overwhelmed and exhausted with this all. Any ideas or experiences I would love to hear! Thanks!

Re: long health issues, period with nausea, etc?

  • First, I am sorry to hear this! That sounds awful!

    Second, have you thought of seeing  a Naturpathic doctor? I go to one in Bothell that has seriously been AMAZING! My sister and I have both had awful, ridiculous, out of the box, symptoms for a while and Dr. Christine Bowen is the one that figured it out. We're both Celiac. We had both been seeing every specialist MD on the planet for years trying to figure out what was wrong an not one could tell us anything. 

    That would be my suggestion. The ND approach is less invasive and much more about approaching the root of the problem rather than the symptoms (an MD approach). 

    I would recommend Dr. Christine Bowen highly. She's a down to earth wonderful woman. 

     Good luck! I hope things get better for you soon! 

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