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amazon baby registry

thinking of doing an amazon baby registry.  Has anyone bought from one or set one up?  just wondering if anyone found it to be a GREAT thing or a bad thing.

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  • We only have an Amazon registry. It helped since we have so many people from out of town wanting to buy things for the baby. It's so easy to use, free shipping, great returns and customer service. I would recommend it.


    My little miracle.

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  • imagelainikins:
    We had an amazon regestry in addition do a babies r us. We ended upngetting more stuff from the babies r us regestry because that is where most peoplewent looking for our regestry. I think that is what most people are used to and habits are hard to break.

    Same here. I am glad that we had the amazon one anyways, though. After our shower we moved most of our stuff over to there, and with the 10% completion (available on items categorized as "baby" that amazon sells themselves) we'll be getting most of our stuff for less $$ than we could at BRU. You do have to be careful - a few things were less expensive at BRU, and your local BRU may let you combine coupons to get good discounts on some things. For example, I got my mattress for 30% off because they let me combine my completion coupon with a 20% off coupon.

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