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Experience with a doula?

My cousin used a doula and midwife and highly recommended it.  I am planning to deliver with a doctor at Fair Oaks hospital, so I?m leaning against a birth doula. 


I see that there are also post-partum doulas to provide support after the birth.  I?m thinking that could be a good fit for me.  Does anyone have any experience with that?  What exactly do they do, what does it cost?  I?m not interested in hiring someone on a regular basis.   I feel like a few quick visits after the birth would be really helpful for me.   Any info would be much appreciated. 




Re: Experience with a doula?

  • what does having a doctor have to do with leaning against a birth doula? doulas and midwives have a very different role in birth. i suggest to all my birth students that they have a doula, but especially for my moms who are birthing at a hospital.


    having a birth doula reduces:

    your risk of cesarean by 50%

    the length of your labor by 25%

    the use of forceps by 40%

    the use of oxytocin by 40%

    your need for pain medicine by 30%

    the need for epidural by 60% 


    these stats are most important to moms planning an unmedicated birth, but the first three are critical to all moms.  here is a good link from DONA: http://www.dona.org/mothers/dads_and_doulas.php


    post-partum doulas vary in the types of services they offer. the pretty much all provide mother/baby care, helping you get adjusted to mothering your baby. some will help with minor household chores, especially making sure mom has nutritious, whole foods to help establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship. she might also help establish healthy relationships between all members of the family and the new baby. depending on your need, your PP doula might stay for just a few hours, an entire day, over night, and might visit a few times or full time. it really depends on your needs.  here is a link from DONA International: http://www.dona.org/mothers/what_doula_will_do.php

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