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why is this

Not on the side tab?

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Re: why is this

  • Scroll down to "local bumps board" then go to Canada Babies.
    I don't think it was listed even there for a while. I had a hard time finding it not too long ago. I stumbled across it when I first joined. I was looking for any posts about Canada. lol Then I had a hard time finding it again. I had to just search "canada" in the search bar at the top.. then look through the results.
    None of the local boards are listed on the side, though. Just a link to where they are all listed. Too many, I guess?

    Anyway, I'm glad to see people actually using this now! This board was dead for so long!!

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  • I undderstand why it's not on the side bar, there's probably not enoough room. But why is it not listed with the local boards?

    I'm on my computer, not a smart phone, it should be there, right?

    Anyways, it's bookmarked now.

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