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Recommend your toybox

I'm looking for how to store LO's toys in her room.  I'm thinking a toy box will be a good idea.  Please recommend yours, or any other suggestions you have.

Re: Recommend your toybox

  • I have 2 toy organizers in DS's room.  One is a shelf that has different colored buckets of a couple different sizes.  That was inexpensive at kmart.  We also have one of those shelve things that have 9 cubbie holes.  We use a couple of the holes to store books.  Some of the bigger toys are just in a cubbie, but I bought some of those fabric totes to slide in the cubbies and use those to hold some smaller toys.  We got that on clearance at target because the box had been opened.  I'm not sure if I described that clearly enough and I don't know how to post pictures, so I'm sorry.

    I like the idea of shelves and and buckets/totes better than a traditional toy box because the toys are more organized. You could always get a cheap bookshelf from walmart or something and use that with the small fabric totes.

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  • I recommend the cube shelves. This way they can see what they have to play with. Use some for book shelves too. If you have smaller toys you can get one of the cube boxes that fit inside.
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  • I made one :). Well several really... Let me know if you'd like plans
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