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Best Maternity selection in SA?

I live in Corpus, but am going to San Antonio this weekend while my husband attends a conference. There isn't much selection in Corpus, can anyone recommend some places to go in San Antonio? I went by Destination Maternity on I-10 when I was really early on to grab a few things. I'd rather look for some bargains. Are there any good consignment shops? A Target with good selection? I did find a few Old Navys and Gaps that claim to have a full maternity section in their stores. Any help would be appreciated!!

Re: Best Maternity selection in SA?

  • My favorite pair of capris were from Kohls and jeans from JC Penny's. Gap at North Star have a maternity section. You can find good deals on sale there. Pickles and Ice Cream have some cute stuff, but it's a little $$.

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  • I know it's late notice, but keep it in your back pocket for your next trip to SA. :o)

      Old Navy online is way cheaper and a much better selection than any of the stores. I buy a little at a time, mostly when they have sales and percentage coupons. The Gap has a horrible selection.

     Destination Maternity is OK, but the staff don't seem to be knowledgeable about their products. I thought they would be the place to go to get measured for nursing bras, but was wrong. They measured me waaaay to big. I still wouldn't fit into the size she said and it's been about 10 weeks since I was there.

     The Quarry has a store called Pickles and Ice Cream. All the staff know their stuff and are very nice/helpful. The only thing is that they are pricey. If you need a nice outfit for a wedding or your shower, they will have the perfect thing. 

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  • OH YEAH - Target is great for a quick grab on shirts and I love my jean capris from there. They also have white, black, and nude B-Bands cheaper than maternity stores.
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  • I know is too late to respond, but in case you still need to know of more options where to find maternity clothes I would recommend to ask at a Macy's store they have some selection of the Motherhood Maternity brand, also like another one mention Old Navy online is a good option if you know your measurements and you can get good deals there sometimes I got a lot of my wardrobe from there at really good prices, Gap in my experience didn't like the clothes from them (I got mine from the website), but the last time I went to GAP at La Cantera I noticed that they have a good selection in there and it actually looks nice (I may check it out on my next pregnancy). Also in San Antonio the Target that is in Castle Hills area next to a Dave's and Busters has really good selection in clothes and I found there a lot of my clothes really cheap...hope this help and that you find some good deals out there on your next shopping!
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