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I am in process of getting a divorce. I have a three year old and 4 month old. Can anyone give me their experiences on how their three year old reacted to divorce? I know everyone would be different depending on situation. She is a girl by the way. She has been very emotional, eating more, sleeping less, and moods are just out of control. What are typical behaviors to except? I have no clue what I am doing and how to handle this. ANy advice would be helpful

Re: cluless

  • I have an almost 3 year old DD, and she honestly hasn't reacted to our separation at all. About once a day, she'll ask where Daddy is, but that's more of a game sometimes. Like she runs through all the family members and their dogs, asking where everyone is. It might be because she's younger than your DD so it hasn't affected her as much. I really focus on routines, though, so she knows what to expect. This may be more for my sanity than hers! I guess that would be my only advice. She's actually less moody now than before H moved out. Good luck!
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