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Trying to choose a portable mini crib ...

We live in a 1 bedroom and I decided to get a mini portable crib but I can't choose between these 4:
Delta portable mini crib
Dream on me foldable 3 in 1
Orbelle Tina Three Level Portable Crib
Da Vinci alpha mini rocking crib

I read good reviews about the Delta and the Dream on me, but I like the Orbelle TINA which has 3 levels the Tian has 2.
Any suggestions?
What do you have if u use a mini portable crib? Which mattress did you buy for it?
I know one of them has a sliding system so you can convert the crib from bassinett to playard, not sure which one though, the others, I believe, need a screwdriver ...


Re: Trying to choose a portable mini crib ...

  • I am in the same boat as you.  We live in a convertible 2 but I don't want to convert our dining room into a BR and since we plan on staying in the apt for another year, we have to go the route of the mini crib.  

    Did you read the reviews on Amazon?  The Delta and the Da Vinci have the best reviews.  I've looked at the Da Vinci a few times and think it's my front runner. The reviews for the Dream on Me and Orbelle seem to be mixed and construction/durability seems to be an issue.  If I recall correctly one of the complaints about the Dream on Me  or Orbelle (can't remember which one) is that it actually doesn't have three levels, only 2.  Go to Amazon and read the negative reviews and you will see what I mean.  

    I'd love to hear what you ultimately decide to get or if anyone has any other recommendations.  I worry about the use we're going to get out of a mini crib since it's shorter and I have a feeling our daughter is going to be tall like me and her father. 

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  • So this is what I heard:
    The Dream on me foldable 3in1 has good reviews in the consumer report website and I also read good things on Amazon.
    The Orbelle TINA has 3 levels while the TIAN, has 2, not sure why they couldn't put different names, this is so confusing and on the website it says you don't need tools to change the levels.
    The Delta seems to be the one that is sold the most but for some reason from the pictures it looks a little flimsy to me the bed legs seems thinner than the dream on me or orbelle.
    The Da Vinci alpha mini rocking crib seem to have pretty good reviews too probably the best out of the 4 but I would prefer something with 'legs' so I can store stuff underneath you gotta use every little space in NYC!.

    For the usage, I read different reviews, you can def. Use it up to 1 year. My MIL bought one but can't find the name brand on it and she doesn't remember and my husband's sister son slept in it when he was 1 year, although he is a very big baby wears 2 years clothes, to give u an idea.
    I def prefer this over a cosleeper which has no regulations for safety or a pack 'n play.

    BTW all the mini cribs need an extra mattress at least 2'' because they come with a 1'' pad.

    Which mattress where you considering or you bought, if u got a mini crib?
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  • Tian AND Tina...maybe that's why I'm confused...LOL.    Baby gear is so overwhelming.  I'm hoping by the time I get through the Baby Bargains book I'll be a bit more comfortable.  I like the fact that the Da Vinci rocks (not getting a rocking chair) and moves because I think we'll be wheeling her between the bedroom and the living room.  So I guess storing things under the crib isn't an option.  Yes, I've heard you need a thicker mattress pad and I haven't even began to think about that.  I haven't gotten to that chapter in the book yet.  :-) I've really been focused on the crib itself and a stroller.  If you have any mattress suggestions I would love to hear those as well.  Once I reach the chapter on mattresses, I will share with you what I've heard.

    At this rate my baby is going to sleep in one of our dresser drawers! 


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  • It is overwhealming!
    If you were thinking of getting the Da Vinci I think it's a good one although I was reading it's a little shorter than the other ones 38 inches vs 41 the others if it wasn't for the storage underneath I would have probably bought that one.
    As for the mattress, go on the walmart website, it has a bunch of mini mattresses and has reviews, you can get a good one for less than 30.
    One I read a lot about is the DaVinci Crescent Mini Crib 50 Coil Mattress.
    I would do 3'' vs. 5 or 6'' as many of these mini cribs don't recommend using mattresses thicker than 2'' but a lot of ppl have the 3'' and say it's fine. Throw out the thin pad the crib comes with.
    Hope this help.
    At this point, for my needs, I may go with the dream on me hoping it's a good one, although I heard customer service is terrible :
  • BTW for a stroller I am between the city select and the uppababy we would like to have kids close in age and the select would probably be the right choice but I heard mixed reviews abt it while I only heard great reviews on the uppababy as a single stroller though.
    Soooo confusing!
  • LOL...those are the top 2 on my list so far, with the UppaBaby Vista being #1 on my list at the moment.  Two of my neighbors have the UBV and swear by it. Yesterday I was on the UWS  and I kid you not, every single stroller I saw (but 2) were UBV.  Kind of reinforced in my mind that it has reason to be on the top of my list.  Also like you, one of my main reasons for wanting it is that it easily converts for two kids (and being that I'm an "older" mom of 37 we're going to start trying for #2 immediately).

    I think we're going to take some test drives when the hubby gets back from Kuwait.

    FYI..last year Zulily and Gilt Group had the 2011 on sale for almost 1/2 off in order to make way for the new 2012 (kind of like cars).  It happened in late Oct. I'm hoping that they're going to come out with a new 2013 so the same promotion will happen.  I'm currently set up to receive notices if it appears on either site.  You may want to sign up for the same if you don't care about having an older version. 

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  • Oh and thanks so much for all of the great feedback!
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  • 2 of my friends swear by the UBV as well! but I am not sure they thought about the second seat as much as I have been ..... 
    My friend also told me she bought her stroller in November for much much less (the previous year model, which I wouldn't mind).

    Thanks for the tip!


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