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P/T Nanny Share in DC Columbia Heights area June 2013


We are expecting our first child in March next year and I am trying to plan ahead for child care. A nanny share seems the ideal arrangement and if anyone is interested, please contact me so we can discuss and possibly meet. Since we are interested in part-time care, I think up to three families could potentially join in, although this may complicate logistics.

If anyone also has recommendations for relatively affordable (as in, not the places that charge $1800 and more) day care in the NW DC area , please do let me know. 

Thanks so much


Re: P/T Nanny Share in DC Columbia Heights area June 2013

  • Hi Aarti - I live in Adams Morgan and am due on 2/21/13. I don't plan to return to work until August 2013, but would be interested in exploring a nanny share option for daycare. Please contact me directly at [email protected] if you'd like to exchange more information about your family and your needs.



  • Hi ladies! I'm due in July, but will be returning to work in August. I work 2-3 days a week, so I would also be interested in PT. 


    Trying to find infant care has been absolute nightmare. If this is going to be getting off the ground, please let us know! We live in Georgetown, but Columbia Heights or AdMo are certainly do-able. Thanks!

     Congrats on the upcoming babies ladies! 


      Steph ([email protected]

  • Hi Steph (and others!) 

    I'm just starting this infant care journey and similarly hope to find a nanny share in the area beginning in September 2013 (I'm due at the end of May with a baby boy). It would be full time for me -- and I live in Adams Morgan.

    Marie ([email protected])

  • I'm a little late to the game but am due in December 2013 and live in Columbia Heights. This is my first little one so I'm flying blind. I plan to be home for the first 3ish months then dad the little one's, not mine will take over for a month or two. Even if the nanny share doesn't work out, I'd love to meet other moms/momstobe in the Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, Petworth, Mt Pleasant area and beyond. Feel free to email me directly at lissy8888hotmail.com.

  • Does anyone have any good advice on figuring out the child care situation? I am due in February with a first child and live in Petworth. I'll most likely be returning to work after 6 weeks and am pretty blind to what my options might be. Nanny-share seems like an interesting option if anyone has had experience and can offer advice. Thanks!
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