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Best fertility doctors in the area

We just found out that we need to have an IUI. Which is the best fertility clinic in the area? Dominion fertility or Shady Grove? We are meeting with Dr. Gordon at Dominion on Tuesday. Thank you! 

Re: Best fertility doctors in the area

  • We loved our Shady Grove experience. Our primary there was Dr. Greenhouse.
  • I have been to both.  I didn't have luck with the IUIs at Dominion so have moved on to IVF at Shady Grove.  More because Shady Grove is closer for monitoring purposes.  Dr. Gordon was great, but I have know a ton of people that have gotten pregnant (through IVF) at Shady Grove.   
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  • Try Dr. Muasher at

    I had a great experience with them.

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  • I didn't go to either of those clinics. I saw Dr. Sharara at VCRM (  He has the best statistics in the area, and one of the best on the east coast and in the country.  I cannot recommend him enough... 
  • I second dr mausher.
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