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How to go about this?

The two of us haven't been happy in quite some time. If it weren't for the fact that it's "easier" to continue living together and not dealing with child support/split time with our child, figuring out who's keeping what/who's living where etc, I think we would've ended this a LONG time ago.

I'm tired of settling, and I just want to be happy. I want to show my son what a real relationship is supposed to be like. I want to show my soon to be daughter a real relationship so that one day she's not in the situation that I am.

The issue? I'm 25 weeks pregnant. We haven't picked out a name, we haven't bought any baby items, there's the delivery to think about. How would all of this play out with a separation? How are we supposed to talk naming a child when it's hard enough for couples to agree on a name?

The other issue? I have $0 income. Being 25 weeks pregnant, I don't really see any job offers jumping on my table, so how am I supposed to go about leaving when I can't get my own apartment/house, let alone all of the necessary baby supplies for my 14 month old and the soon to be little one. Obviously, I can file for child support, but with the income he's making now, we're just barely paying for a 1 bedroom apartment, so it's not like whatever they give me is going to get me much.



I'm so tired of settling on not being happy, but I don't see how to even start to leave.

Re: How to go about this?

  • Do you have a family member you can live with, or does he?
  • The only family near is his mom, who's got 4 kids still under 18 living with her in a 3 bedroom house, and my mom who's got vicious dogs, so if I were to go there, I couldn't bring my son.

    And if he were to go somewhere, I don't have any income to pay the rent, so that's the issue I have with having him leave.

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  • I feel like you should be able to keep the apartment, him stay with his mom and continue to pay the rent. Best of luck.
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