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Does anyone have experience with Mountain Midwifery?

I am due for my first prenatal appointment there next week, and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with them.  I am totally thrilled with their natural model of care, but I am worried about a potential transfer.  

I took their orientation class with my husband, and it seemed like their transfer rate was rather high. 12% of first time moms transfer in labor, or shortly after, but that excludes additional transfers that happen prior to term, or before the moms are admitted to the birthing center, so their actual transfer rate is more like 30%+.  They have certain doctors that they work with, and I am worried about the OB I would transfer to would be out of network for me (Cigna). I am also worried about going into labor, and there not being enough rooms. They even said during orientation, that they have had people birth in the hallways/ waiting room. Doesn't sound too comfortable. I am just so conflicted. I want a natural birth, but I keep wondering about "what if?"


Re: Does anyone have experience with Mountain Midwifery?

  • Nobody? I am also considering University of Colorado Center for Midwifery, if anyone has experience with them, and would like to share.
  • A couple of my friends have birthed there and had wonderful experiences. One of them has since had a second at home. I think you are better off at MM for the type of birth it sound like, than at University. 

  • I have 2 friends that delivered there and loved it.  No problems.  One was a first timer and the other was a 4th timer.  I am also wanting a midwife but I am not comfortable enough to do it there for my first one.  I am using Westside Womens midwives at this point.  I know people that have used this practice and hospital and raved about both.
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  • Most first time transfers from there are for elective reasons, not true medical reasons. They are much better then the birth center in University, I would never recommend University but MMC is amazing. Rarely do they fill up all of their rooms.
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  • I delivered with the University midwives and have nothing but great things to say about them. Prenatal experience was great and delivery and after care was awesome as well.
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