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I am planning on giving birth at MGH at the end of November, but am considering transferring to the Cambridge Birth Center. I haven't met many other people that have been going there or have had their babies there (MGH). I was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on yours or anyone you know's birth experience at MGH? I'd ideally like to have a natural childbirth with minimal interventions.


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  • Hi!

    My due date is December 4th and I will be delivering at MGH.  Although our due date has not arrived, I have had the most amazing experience at MGH.  Our doctor and ALL of the nurses have been absolutely wonderful.  I have no anxiety about giving birth, partly because I trust that me and my baby are in great hands.

    MGH is one of the best hospitals in the country.  All of their departments are ranked with the best doctors and care.  My Mother went to MGH for her surgery and she is a Stage 3 Lung Cancer SURVIVOR.  Her doctor at MGH was a blessing and a gift from God.

     Wishing you all the best!  Please share your birthing experience in November!


  • One of my sister's delivered both of her children at Mass General and LOVED it. The food is good, the nurses are great, and its an awesome hospital! She has Dr. Eckler.

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  • I delivered at MGH almost 2 years ago with my daughter. I had the best experience.  Dr. Riley is the best OB ever.  I had a high risk pregnancy (appendix burst, short cervix, bedrest, daughter was diagnosed with cleft lip and palate, severe hyperemisis).

    She was wonderful.  I could call/email her or her nurse any time and always get an answer.  

     I was induced, had an epidural and delivered in 8 hours. It was a great experience.  The doctors. nurses etc.  My nurse was the one who helped me before and after delivery.  I can't say enough about the nurses.  We had the whole pedi team in the delivery room to make sure my daughter was doing well after she was born.  Ella wound up in the NICU for a day or so and everyone involved in her delivery stopped by to make sure she was doing great!

    Anyways Good luck with your decision.


  • I know you posted this a while ago so you have probably already made your decision... But I delivered my son with the midwives at MGH and they were awesome!  I had a natural (unmedicated) birth which was just what I was hoping for.  The nurses were very supportive.  The only real "intervention" I had was pitocin after I delivered since I was losing a lot of blood.  I don't think you can go wrong with either choice.  Good luck!
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