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Washington Regional or Willow Creek for natural birth

I want a completely natural birth and the biggest thing I am looking for is a hospital with not necessarily a birthing tub, but just a tub I can relax in. I heard that WR had one but then I heard that they don't anymore. Does anyone know if WR or WC has one or any of the other hospitals in NW AR? If none of the hospitals have one, what hospital is the best for natural birth?

Re: Washington Regional or Willow Creek for natural birth

  • We are using Washington Regional because we had friends that used their midwife Mari before she retired (Dang it!) and she is referring her patients to Dr. Collins.  I know they had the tub as recently as 2 years ago but it didn't occur to me to ask if they STILL had it! I'm planning on asking some more questions of Dr. Collins at our next appointment so I'll come back and let you know if no one else has chimed in yet next week.
  • I confirmed at my appt yesterday that they DO still have the bath and the shower for laboring moms at Washington Regional. My Dr. said they were closed for a little while for maintanaince and cleaning but they are up and running now! And my Dr said the staff pretty much lets you decide how you want to do your birth. If you want to be up and around they will let you walk 30 minutes/rest 30 minutes and you can be on the birthing ball hanging out in your room. If you don't want to be on an IV from the start you don't have to be unless it's medically necessary. They will put the port in just so you are ready to have one if you need it suddenly or if you get dehydrated.  Even if you are Strep + the antibiotic treatments are something like 15 minutes every hr and they treat you and take you off the IV again.

     I felt a lot better after talking to the Dr. yesterday because I was getting nervous about how natural-friendly they really are since the midwife is gone now and that's who we wanted to use.

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